Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Is Marie Laveau Jindal's PR Flack?

Louisiana K-12 Education and the RSD

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu is praised by the Daily Beast-Newsweek for having a great education program, which he has little responsibility over. 

But the article praises the Recovery School District, the 2nd worst district in Louisiana, one of the worst districts in the developed world. 

Make no mistake: The RSD is the model for Louisiana education reform. 

Did Gov. Bobby Jindal hire the ghost of Marie Laveau to put the chicken bone gris-gris on the media? 

Get to know Miss Laveau through singer Bobby Bare.

John Avlon's "Most Innovative Mayors in the U.S."
Dec 17, 2012

I like old Mitch, but give me a break. 

Louisiana Gov. Mike Foster used to invite people he wanted to persuade to visit the Governor's Mansion for cookies and conversation. Jindal? He must have privatized and subcontracted such activities to Marie Laveau. 

I always knew there was something a little weird about the guy.

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