Sunday, October 6, 2013

My Shortest Column Ever

Throw Out the Bums, Not Women
Dayne Sherman
Published in the Hammond, La., Daily Star
Updated October 13, 2013
Words: 200

I have a simple plan to solve the insanity in Washington. In fact, I can solve our legislative problems with one of my shortest columns ever.

Rather than getting rid of all 535 members of United States Congress as many have suggested, I’d rather see us throw all of the men out of Congress.
Now, there are some sorry female members of Congress, but I’d rather not risk losing any of the good ones, and God knows women—for the most part—have more sense than men.

What about Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota)? She’s not far from taking up serpents on Sunday mornings. But she’s not running for reelection. Let her stay. We can use the comedy during these difficult times.

After we send the bums to the private sector, let’s have a constitutional amendment mandating at least 51 percent women in the House and Senate from now on. The country would be better for it. And the world, too.

That’s my approach to ending the madness.

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