Saturday, March 1, 2014

MacAdam/Cage Sued for Fraud, Files Bankruptcy

Or, How to Rob an Author

This is only a brief overview.

In 2003, I made the mistake of signing a predatory contract with MacAdam/Cage Publishing, Inc. They published my novel Welcome to the Fallen Paradise in 2004. 

In January 2014, MacAdam/Cage filed a very interesting Chapter 7 Bankruptcy document. I am a creditor. See the 140-page filing here: 

More interesting to me, however, is that MacAdam/Cage was sued for fraud about two weeks prior to the principals signing the bankruptcy documents. Is this a coincidence?

See Dorothy Smith v. Emeigh Poindexter et al:

Quote: "Fraud, Complaint Filed By Plaintiff Smith, Dorothy As To Defendant Pointdexter, Emeigh As The Personal Representative Or Trustee Of The Estate Of David Pointdexter Macadam/cage Publishing, Inc. Backlist Holding Company, Llc Walsh, Patrick Bailey, Brooks Summons Issued, Judicial Council Civil Case Cover Sheet Filed Case Management Conference Scheduled For May-07-2014 Proof Of Service Due On Feb-03-2014 Case Management Statement Due On Apr-14-2014"

I have no way of knowing the veracity of Ms. Smith's claims.

For the record, I have not received one penny of royalties from MacAdam/Cage since 2005, and I never received a penny from ebook sales either, which I believe may well be a publication in violation of rights to the work. See Author Edward Cline's perspective and fight for his ebook rights.

Over time, I found MacAdam/Cage's unethical business practices to be something akin to a Nigerian e-mail scam. That is my opinion.

I believe writers and booksellers should know what happened at the publisher. Many authors are fighting to have their rights reverted. I am fighting. Bet good money on it.


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