Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No Sugar Bowl for Me Tonight

I've been listening to Franz Schubert this evening.  About thirteen years ago I started listening to Schubert, perhaps during my study of Walker Percy and Richard Wagner.  I have no idea how these figures were arranged in my research, but I do remember going to the Covington, Louisiana, public library and checking out Schubert CDs, all they had.  Makes me wish I could understand German.  But it’s a universal language, music, a high calling for those who commit themselves to its discipline.

The music tonight is secular choral music.  Great material to edit a novel by.  The label is Carus, and a link to it is below: http://www.classicsonline.com/catalogue/product.aspx?pid=604253.

I'm listen to it streaming through a database of some 711,710 tracks of music on Naxos Music Library, an amazing database.

Have some Franz Schubert.  Enjoy.  Watch the Sugar Bowl.