Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Should Treme run a character based on me?

Update: The fight to keep promised state retirement benefits in Louisiana is still underway. Tonight, the rogues in the House approved HB 61, and it is now going to the rakes in the Senate. They stripped yesterday's Social Security tie-in plan. Must have been some deals cut for graft and patronage in a backroom. Huey P. Long has been reincarnated. He now has a very high IQ and even more ambition.

"Talk About the South" Columns

My local daily newspaper is running my hard-hitting columns:
“Daring to Speak in Louisiana” - Sun., April 27, 2012.

"Devil has had the Money Long Enough" - Sun., April 20, 2012.

For updates on almost everything important to Louisiana higher education, see the April 30th report from LSU Faculty Senate: There's a photo of me speaking and some short articles on the events of last week.
One of My Biggest Honors Ever

My first novel, Welcome to the Fallen Paradise (a buck as a Kindle ebook), has been named the sole "Louisiana" pick for the American Library Association Booklist magazine's "Hard-Boiled Gazetteer to Country Noir." The list was released Tuesday, May 1, 2012:

It's nice to be named to a national  "best of list" with Elmore Leonard, Bonnie Jo Campbell, and Daniel Woodrell, among other luminaries. Check out some of these authors from the list for summer reading. (You'd think some college would want me teaching creative writing.)


I've never been compared to a character on Treme. But crime novelist J. Mark Bertrand has a point. HBO Treme producers, you should put me on the payroll as a consultant or I'll just play myself. See the article below:

For those of you who want to know: Do I have a novel? Yes, I finished one on January 10, 2012.
A Little Something Nice

Last week I was inducted into the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi. Three years in the ninth grade, work at every conceivable job, GED, college, graduate school, writing, associate professor, political gadfly. One life.

The world is round. That's what I tell folks all the time. Thanks for inviting me to join Phi Kappa Phi and thanks for reading this blog post.

Keep up the struggle.

Thank you.