Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Louisiana Believes in Corrupt Vouchers

Update - 6/10/12:

Gov. Bobby Jindal's voucher scandal is going viral. It's a national disgrace. Each day more revelations of corruption surface. When will Louisiana State Superintendent John White be fired? When will they admit it was a mistake?

Top Ten Theft Contracts by the La. Dept. of Education:

Louisiana watchdog howls about contract irregularities and amounts:

Corrupt vouchers. Shame the Times-Picayune did say something before it became law:

La. Dept. of Education contract corruption:

Out of state firms make millions:

Editorial about no more failures:

Update - 6/8/12:

Vouchers Gone Wild, my June 3, 2012, Hammond, La., Sunday Star column:

Dr. Diane Ravitch's "Voucher Follies in Louisiana." Yeah, it's all about the children. It's the data: Louisiana charter schools and vouchers. There's a chart here that maps the madness. What do our senators and representatives have to say about this? 

Dr. Ravitch uses this Educate Now chart showing how terrible the RSD-Charters-Vouchers system is.

Comprehensive article on Bobby Jindal's Louisiana vouchers - scandal: 

Louisiana teachers file suit against corrupt vouchers:

Vouchers and the future of public education:

JindalCo’s “scholarship” program is looking more like the boondoggle:

How bad was this Louisiana legislative session? Bad enough that the dense Advocate newspaper has finally figured it out.

'Education for $ale': La.'s classroom changes reflect boardroom thinking:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Children don't have time for more failures:

Q: School reform? A: Model bills:

Hasten: Debate heated over MFP funding:

A scary (and telling) school voucher story:

Update - 5/31/12:
The Monroe News Star has started a tremendous series on voucher corruption in K-12. If they keep writing it, they'll deserve a Pulitzer. This story is going viral. Pass it around.

A little grilling for John White and the school voucher sandal. This one is worth your time.
Let the BESE members know to quit robbing the state schools: email addresses -,,,,,,,,,
BESE Officers Issue Statement Regarding MFP Formula. Read statement at: 
By Barbara Leader / Monroe, La., News Star
May 25, 2012

I can't begin to explain how corrupt this voucher debacle is, but Louisiana believes in education "reform," unless it really matters. This school is not the exception. It is the norm and the whole plan. Read about it and weep.

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